The History of Wella farm


Weldon and Lola raised six children on the grounds of Wella Farm. Back then, we just called it home.

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The Home

In 1958 Weldon purchased a tract of land in the Tyro area from the Shoaf family. After moving the old house to a lower pasture, the Smith's milled lumber to build a ranch style brick home. Together they raised six children and instilled values of faith, family and integrity. Weldon and Lola's love for one another was deeply respected. In 2015, just before celebrating 72 years of marriage Weldon passed away followed only weeks later by Lola. Their love has inspired this venue.

The Barn

Our 1800's barn was a working barn until March of 2016 when the last cows were sold and the hay was removed. It was a sad time for our family as we dealt with the loss of the family glue, our parents, Weldon and Lola. Once the dust settled we stood in the barn with awe. The hand hewn logs and local timber was a sight to behold. After several family meetings we decided the legacy was too special to give up. Instead we wanted to share it, to give others the opportunity to create their own memories on the special land. The dream of Wella was born, and in true Smith Family fashion the entire family came together to restore the barn. Many days were spent falling trees and milling lumber from the surrounding forest to build the floors, the porches and the railings. All the while, keeping the original feel of the barn. We didn't want ordinary and new, instead our goal was to create a barn that was historic and welcoming. In the Spring of 2016 Wella hosted it's first official wedding as an event venue. 


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The land

Originally the 75 acres were farmed by Weldon and Lola. Corn, cattle and hay filled the fields of Wella for many years. We learned about hard work by helping our parents with farm chores, watching our Daddy farm corn by the moonlight, and we learned that love can sometimes be best delivered in the form of a fresh tomato sandwich. When we stand in the barn and look over the pastures, it is impossible not to remember all the good times we have shared. And now, we welcome you and your family to make your own memories.